Classic game, modern earnings

A new way to play the consecrated game of chess. A decentralized platform for everyone who wants to earn money playing the most beloved game in the history of mankind. Scholarships, tournaments, chip system, ratings, integrated classic or blitz chess mode and much more in the future.



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The DChess economy will be based on 2 fundamental pillars: the QUEEN and the KING. These tokens will represent both the governance of the project and the in-game profit of each player.


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Each player will have 5 daily coffees (energies), which can be consumed by playing games in these modes to win in KING. Each of these games will consume 1 energy no matter which game mode is chosen. At the same time, players will be able to play friendly games to have a good time enjoying the cozy DChess interface.


Q3 2021
  • Creation of DChess name ✓
  • Creation of social networks ✓
  • Creation of the White Paper ✓
  • Private presale investors ✓
Q4 2021
  • Official launch of the website ✓
  • Creation of smart contracts ✓
  • Airdrops tokens queen ✓
  • Airdrops NFT UNICOS ✓
  • Smart contracts audit of tokens, home page and hub ✓
  • Presale boards (Oct. 23) ✓
  • ICO token KING ✓
  • Creation of KING token Liquidity Pool ✓
  • Launch of the Alpha (Web) ✓
  • Enabling of scholarship system
  • Board farming system
  • Sale of collectibles (payment in KING)
  • IDO token QUEEN
  • In-game rewards in QUEEN
Q1 2022
  • Board marketplace
  • Arrival of Project Lazarus
  • First sale of boards with a 10% defect (if there are leftovers)
  • Android App
  • Marketplace
  • Launch of NFT collectibles
  • Optional 3D
  • NFT 3D pieces models
  • Non-NFT 3D pieces models (purchasable at KING)
Q2 2022
  • IOS app (test flight)
  • Second sale of boards with 20% defect (if there are leftovers)
  • Platform improvements
  • Puzzles
  • Chess Lessons
  • Variants
  • Exercises


Lucca Vila
CEO & Co-Founder
Ignacio Gudiño
CTO & Co-Founder
Agustin Micheletti
Thiago Rodrigues
Iván Calvi
UX/UI Lead
Fernando Barba
Art Director
Fermin Baudino Zoya
Blockchain Dev
Juan Zic
Web & Game Developer